#9 x 3-1/8" GRK FIN/Trim PHEINOX Stainless Steel Finishing Trim Head Screws 275 pack

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GRK FIN/Trim PHEINOX Stainless Steel Finishing Trim Head Screws Pro-Pak #9 x 3-1/8" - 275 pack

FIN/Trim Finishing Trim Head Screws
Install Right the First Time + Corrosion Resistance for Harsh Environments

  • Recessed Star Drive:Zero stripping, with 6 points of contact
  • Trim head:for a clean finished look
  • W-Cut:Low torque, smoother drive
  • ZIP-TIP:No pre-drilling faster penetration
  • ESR-3201Approved for structural application
  • Case Hardened Steel:for high tensile, torque and shear strength
  • Climatek Coating is AC257:code approved for use in treated lumber
  • For interior/exterior use

GRK's Trim Head screws are an excellent choice for most fine carpentry applications, as well as window extension jambs and more. Our Trim Head screws have the smallest screw head available; with screw lengths from 1-1/4" (30mm) to 5" (125mm).

Most material splitting is prevented because of the Trim Head screw's exceptionally small head and the W-Cut thread design.

PHEINOX stainless steel screws are made from only the best grade of stainless steel wire, 305. The unique characteristics of the PHEINOX wire give our stainless steel screws unmatched performance, by maximizing both torque and increasing bending strength.

GRK recommends PHEINOX 305 stainless steel screws for applications that require superior corrosion resistance in wet environments such as decks, boardwalks, pools, and hot tubs. PHEINOXTM305 stainless is also recommended for use with cedar, red-wood and various other wood substrates that have higher acid content as well as for composite deck boards. PHEINOXTM305 stainless steel screws are recommended for applications located more than 1 mile from the coast.