#10 x 4-3/4" GRK R4 Screws 230 pack

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GRKR4 Screws Pro-Pak #10 x 4-3/4" - 230 pack

R4 Multi-Purpose Framing Screw
Frame with Ease and Confidence

  • Recessed Star Drive: Zero Stripping, with 6 points of contact
  • CEE Thread: Enlarges hole to reduce splitting
  • W-Cut: Low torque, smoother drive
  • Zip-Tip: no pre-drilling, faster penetration
  • Cutting Pockets: provide a clean hole, reduces splitting, and bore with precision
  • ESR-3201 Approved for structural applications
  • Case Hardened Steel: for high tensile, torque and shear strength
  • For interior/exterior use: in wood, plastic, cement fiber board, sheet metal, wood decking and melamine
  • Some Sizes Available in PHEINOX 305 Grade Stainless Steel

GRK's R4 self-countersinking screw has a patented underhead with saw-blade like cutting teeth and six self-contained cutting pockets. Together they act similar to a circular saw-blade, transporting the drill dust away from the edge of the screw hole while cutting a perfectly clean hole into even the most brittle materials without cracking any surface treatment.

This design enhances the R4's versatility by allowing the fastener to countersink into even the hardest woods. The head of the screw closes the hole off with precision leaving no damaged fibers around the head.

R4 screws 2" and longer have a four threaded CEE Thread. This enlarges the screw hole for the non-threaded portion of the fastener, allowing the wood to settle easily. It increases the screw's drawing strength and reduces the friction on the screw shank that lowers the driving torque.

Part #R410434PP